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Thursday, November 02, 2006

What I have been doing - Some Updates about Making Money with Blogs

Over the past 2 weeks, I have witnessed how my blogs collapsed due to the lack of disk space. Crazy as it sounds, blogger blogs do take up quite a bit of space, especially if you blog quite a number of times. Approx 25k of space is taken up for each post per blog. So if you are building a blog farm, you will realise that most webhosting services are not able to withstand that kind of tonnage.

At one point of time, my blogs was consuming about 100-200 Meg of space per day. But through the experiment, I also realized that blogger blogs do attract a lot of traffic.
During the 2 weeks when I ran this experiment of blogging with a large number of blogs (I won't share with you how many, but trust me, it's huge), I have been able to drive loads of traffic to my blogs, about 1000-1200 impressions per day. Maybe that's not a lot to you but to me, it is.

I went searching for some webhosting services that can accomodate that.By the way, do not trust those who advertise "unlimited space and bandwidth" on ebay. In fact, when I tried my blog building experiment on one such reseller webhosting, my blogs outgrew their space quickly and they simply shut down my account. I have approached a few
ebay reseller webhosting who offers "unlimited space and bandwidth", this time explaining what I intend to do. Their answers are pretty ridiculous, in fact I had one tell me that the so-called unlimited is an advertising gimmick. Ha!

If you intend to build large numbers of blogs, go for those that give you a fixed amount of space and bandwidth. It's safer that way.

You may be interested in what good does it do to have some many blogs. 3 reasons, firstly, they drive lots of traffic, secondly, links posted to blogs get spidered and indexed quick and thirdly, you can monetize your blogs by adding adsense. tags:

Monday, October 16, 2006

Discovery of a Few New Ways to Promote Any Product

Recently, I bought an ebook at for $10. It's a simple read about how to rank high for keywords using high traffic sites which are regularly spidered.

High traffic sites can be article directories like ezinearticles, blogs like blogger and wordpress blogs, classified ad directories and not forgeting forums. Do a search in the search engines and there is a likelihood that each will show up within the top 20 results. This certainly mean something.

Interesting enough, I have been able to rank for certain anchor text I have been targeting using articles. As for blogs and other high traffic sites, I will be using them real soon.

In the meanwhile, the experiment I was running to test on blogs and auto-generated sites. Well, I have been able to verify One Point. That is, mass blogging does work well.

But if you are looking at trying to rank high, it would pay well to create a blog around a niche topic and post interesting unique blogs. One factor that counts for SEO, is the amount of time your readers hang around your site. Surprise huh? So it is not only a matter of number of unique visits but also the duration of visit. SE view that to retain a visitor at your site, it would take good relevant content to do so.

That's all for the day.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Making Money with Auto-Generated Websites

I am doing an experiment using an Auto-generated website. This website will contain some useful content, clickbank feeds and related news feeds.

Essentially, I will build a few blogs, and post and ping links of this auto-generated website.

There will be Adsense on these blogs and auto-generated website.

I will be monitoring to see how well they do.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How to Sell Products using Adwords & any PPC

I have adwords campaigns set up for some online products such as home remedy ebooks, ipod downloads, bodybuilding, etc mainly Clickbank and an affiliate merchant's products. Have been able to make some sales this month. This is an improvement over the past month which was rather quiet.

Some of the things I have done to tweak my campaign ads are listed here:
1. Increasing CPC (within profitable limits) - I try to make incremental adjustments.
2. Applying a technique called "Peel & Stick"

Explained in simple steps, this is how "Peel & Stick" works for any topic/product you are promoting:

1. Gather a huge list of keywords (300 - 1000)
Head to Google Keyword Tool,just do a search on the term "google keyword tool"
Type in the main keywords related to the product, eg toys you are selling, and keep adding to the list using the keyword tool.

2. Start a campaign at Adwords, followed by an Ad Group. Name this Group "General - Toys"
Fill the keywords list at Adwords with the keywords you compiled in Step 1.

3. Write 2 ads that are related to the product you are selling. (Hints: Include the main keywords in the title and content of ad. These words will appear bold in the Ad when the search terms entered by the searcher are the same.)

4. Run the ad and wait for at least 20-30 clicks for each ad.
Take the better performing ad, dump the other.

5. Look through the list of keywords.
You should be able to see which are the ones that are showing up, ie popular search terms and which are attracting clicks. "Peel" those good keywords and stick them for use in next step.

6. Group these keywords into sub-groups, such as toy cars, stuffed toy, etc. Set up an Ad Group based on each sub-keyword.

7. For each Ad Group, repeat Step 3 & 4. Rinse and repeat.

That's what you can do to improve the Click-Through Rate, lower your advertising costs and get more sales.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Experimenting with RSSGM and Blogs

My RSSGM site is ready. I have included google rss news feed and clickbank feed. There is some unique content as well. Topic is about Forex, an expensive one.

Next, I will be building a few blogs with my blog tools and blogging about this website. Let's see if the response is good.

I will be coming in to report on my findings in a few days.

I also have a few ideas and plans in the pipeline.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Building another Autogenerated Website

I am working on another auto-generated website. This website will be centered around an expensive topic, forex. The purpose once again is to make use of the fast and quick speed of an autogeneration software to make a complete website.

But I do not believe in making crappy sites. I like the ease of building sites fast but scrapping the net for content is not my cup of tea. This site will have google ads, clickbank ads and rss feeds and some unique content. I will be using blogging and pinging to promote this site. Joseph Tierney's tools only. No articles at all. Let's see how it works out.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Traffic & Income are a Numbers Game

Yes, after building several blogs, I realised this to be very true. Since Google love their blogs, it encourages folks like us to use them for our promotional efforts. But I do believe that in order to go the distance, we have to also give our audience what they are looking for. Great content and tools.

The more traffic I drive, the more Adsense income and more book/product sales.

Now I am running a few income-growing projects online. Namely building mini-sites and promoting with Articles, selling e-books using the PPCs, and building huge sites and promoting with Blogs.

There are other ways to promote the sites such as submitting the urls and submiting rss feeds to the directories, posting comments in others' blogs, etc.

Friday, September 22, 2006

New Lessons in Blogging for Profits

It is quite interesting to see how Google love their blogs. Actually, using Blogger is a good way to gather information and at the same time attract traffic.

Be sure to activate the Navigation Toolbar, as this allows other bloggers to find your blog.

I have yet to monetize this blog with Adsense which I know I will, probably at the end of the day. But I have some other more important things to do.

One thing I noticed is that the moment I removed the cache in my website, the google rankings, indexing all changed. My whole site was indexed but it got sandboxed again. Kind of frustrating. Even my new blogs are getting more traffic than my website...was thinking to just focus on blogs. But I decided to wait out because I feel that in the long-run, this is still a working strategy.

So what I can do now is to keep building links. I am still building and posting to my own blogs, and commenting in other people's blogs. Articles are still very much effective I must say.

I do hope that all these will boost the traffic to my website that talks about affiliate program.

If you have been following my blog threads, you will know that I am testing what are the techniques that are most effective to get ranked for a specific keyword, in my test case, it would be affiliate program.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some Updates about what is Going On with my Affiliate Programs

I am now spending these 2 weeks to focus on building my blogs. One each night. That's all the time I can afford.

I find that blogs are really very effective in attracting traffic. One of the main reasons is that once you are listed within the directory, there is a possibility that someone will see you.

Well, assuming that each blog you build attracts 10 visitors one day, if you build 10 blogs and maintain them well, you will net about 100 visitors everyday.

Over time, with good content, your blogs should also climb in Page Rank.

Ok, over to my affiliate programs. There seems to be a slow down over at Adwords. Most of my ads are not attracting as much clicks as they used to be. Something is wrong. I tried to reason that they may be looking at the quality of the "so called" landing pages. And when they see many of similar affiliate programs, they simply fold up their hands, and cut back on rotating the ads. But that's not true because there are still impressions, just fewer clicks. I am trying to improve the quality of my clicks, ie click-through rates and cost per click. Let's monitor for a few days and see if there are changes.

I am also looking at other ppc search engines, like, GoClick and By the way, affiliate program is similar to Adsense. May want to try it out.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Why is my Blog Flagged as Spam?

In case you are wondering why I have not posted for the past 10 days. The reason was simple. My blog was flagged as showing signs as a SPAM blog.

This shows that the SPAM filters are too sensitive. My content is unique. You have a real person right here blogging and writing about his thoughts and ideas. So I presume that it has got absolutely nothing to do with my content.

Perhaps the only thing that signals an alarm would be the links I put in my posts. It's kind of funny. Perhaps Blogger just wants us to post content but isn't it a bit hard to believe that in order to provide useful information, you need to direct your visitors to other informational sites? and then risk being flagged as SPAM?

This is something which I cannot understand about the filters.

Back to my progress. I have been using blogs to promote. My main site is not doing as well but it seems to be out of the Sandbox. Let's monitor and see how well it does. But the good thing I observed is that the blogs I build are making money. That's a good sign. Then again, it proves that Blogger love their own blogs.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Traffic Building - Observations & Analysis

I did a deep analysis of 2 of my competitors. One is the Ladyfest site and the other is the kinetsu site using backlink checker tools at domain pop.

Ok, from what I can see, the kinetsu site ranked as no.1 has a few links lesser than mine, about 47 links. Something is not working well with this site as the second run test shows nothing. I have about 53 backlinks, 26 are from blogs, some from article sites, etc. All 50 links are PR 0, while 1 is PR 7 from a famous blog, another from GoArticles PR 3 and EzineArticles PR 6. Anyway, see my brief comparison with one tough competitor. The site outranks me in terms of unique ips and number of links.
The number of higher PR sites linking to this site is also more than mine.

Ladyfest My Site

Links 69 53
Domains 30 40
IPs 21 12

PR 0 17 37
PR 1 0 0
PR 2 3 0
PR 3 5 1
PR 4 1 0
PR 5 3 0
PR 6 1 1
PR 7 0 1
PR 8 0 0
PR 9 0 0
PR 10 0 0

But still, it seems ridiculous that I am not even found in the search results. I need to read up on sandbox. I wish to get out of it and help my site.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SEO Tips - Observations of My Competitors

Noticed a strange phenomenon on the internet.

Finally, my website homepage is No.1 for anchor links for the keyword “ affiliate program” but my website is nowhere to be found in the first 1000 websites for the keyphrase. Strange isn’t it?

I begin to look at the top few websites that are ranked high for the keyphrase. The top site is a website with a wikipedia article and the article contains no keyphrase. Even the meta-tags have no mention of it. And the weird thing is all the pages of this site contains exactly the same meta-tags, and same article. The article is about affiliate program, and the page ranked as No.1 is titled as

Except for the page name, there is no association with the keyphrase.

Another website I saw basically just stuffs endless number of keywords related to affiliate program, ie affiliate program suffixes like top affiliate programs, sports book affiliate program etc. The funny thing is these webpages do not contain any adsense ads. So why bother building them in the first place?
Except for the fact that there are also lots of links on the pages. I did not take a clear look at what is in the links but I suspect at least one of those links point to where the webmaster really is trying to rank.

I decided to do a check on what is happening here. Found out from forums that my site could be sandboxed. There are others who are ranking high for their allinanchor but the search result throws out nothing for their webpages. Like mine, it shows absolutely nothing, meaning though I rank No.1 in allinanchor, my webpage is nowhere in the search results.

I did a keyword analysis of my website to find out why my competitors can rank higher than me using
What I cannot understand is the ladyfest website is in no way more superior than mine, whether it is ranking in allinanchor, content, meta-tags, no of indexed pages but still rank high.

I have also read an interesting article about the different google seo terms and what they really mean and how I can rank my website in the search results.

This is also quite an interesting article about SEO:

“In the context of search engine optimization, many people equate an optimized site to a site with impressive search engine rankings. Sprinkle a little fairy dust over here and waive the magic wand over there and wallah a magnificent dish of first page rankings for
the Internet’s most competitive keyword terms. (Enter annoying alarm clock signaling the end of euphoric online marketing dream sequence). The fact is, if you think you are going to achieve rankings for competitive keyword terms simply by implementing a few basic on-page code changes, you need to pinch yourself because you’re dreaming. Perform a
search for your primary keyword terms and you will see a list, several pages deep of websites that have been “optimized” with varying degrees of success.

The key is understanding what factors differentiate those that rank on the first page from those that don’t.

The first step in proper search engine optimization is to select appropriate keywords and match them to appropriate pages within your site. After you’ve implemented appropriate on-page code changes related to the keywords you’ve selected, the next step is to ensure that the pages are readable and link together in such a way that the search engines can “crawl” through your site comprehensively. Although your pages might not rank right away, proper internal linking will help ensure that your pages will be indexed by the search engines. Cross linking will also help re-distribute link popularity/PageRank which is a critical component of the relevancy algorithms that determine rankings.

OK, so now we’ve got all the on-page stuff hammered out, throw in a few directory links and your site should start its meteoric rise to the top of the engines, right? Well, not exactly. It depends on how competitive your keyword terms are and the quantity and quality of backlinks that competitive sites have accumulated. A quality
backlink will come from a subject relevant web page and contain the keyword you
are optimizing for in the anchor text of the link. For example, if you want to rank for online degrees, make sure that you link back to a page containing “online degrees” in the title of the page with the keyword term “online degrees” in the anchor text of the link.

To determine how many quality links you will need to achieve a first page ranking, try searching for your search term using the modifier allinanchor:keyword term. Using the allinanchor operator will show you where your site ranks relative to other web sites based on the number of backlinks containing your keyword in the anchor text of the link.
For example: allinanchor:online degrees will return only documents that have a link to them that contains “online degrees” in the anchor text. In general, your ranking should follow your allinanchor ranking. If your allinanchor ranking is not within the top 10 results, keep building quality backlinks until it is. If your allinanchor ranking is higher
than your natural rank, make sure your keyword is present in the title tag, body content and H1 tags of the page.”

Monday, September 04, 2006

Watching the Progress of Traffic Building

I have been a bit slow these 2 days in my traffic building. Did not build many blogs, and been blogging my current blogs. Also, I have only managed to submit my article on driving traffic using ppc just yesterday. Been distracted trying to work around how to advertise my affiliate programs using Adwords. The affiliate program policy just hit me as I was previously using domain forwarding and masking which works very well.

The display and destination urls are both the same and Google is not complaining. Recently, I have switched to using sub-domain forwarding from my main and Adwords started to notice.
Well, fortunately, I managed to work around this with a cool software that mask my affiliate program website with a html file. All I need to do now, is upload this file as the index file, into a subdirectory folder of my etc-now folder, say call it AffiliateProgramA ie /etc-now/AffiliateProgramA, and then create a subdomain called to forward to the subdirectory. So I can then use adwords to promote the program again. The display url will be, while the destination url will be www.etc-now/AffiliateProgramA

I reckon this means there is really no need to create a landing page anymore. Whew!

As for my strategy for traffic building using blogs and articles, I realise that I really need to automate some of these. I probably will buy a neat article submission software called Article Post Robot soon. This will release me to be able to write more quality articles for submission.

I will one day sit down to use my free WP autoblogging software. The catcha from Blogger is making things a little tough to maintain my blogs.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

SEO Tip - Lessons Learnt from Observations of a Website

I tried to test a keyphrase "the rich jerk". The search results showed
5680,000 results.

In the allinanchor, it showed 15300.

The site how2-makemoneyonline ranks high both for anchor and for search

I looked at the source code and studied the info.

The Meta - Tags

Title: Rich Jerk - Can't afford his ebook but want the INFO?
Description: 23-yr old Woman went from zero to $12,000+ per month in
months flat. She Reveals how You can do the same-detailed step-by-step
instructions. Only $19 - not $49 like the Rich Jerk Ebook.
Keywords: rich jerk, the rich jerk, entrepreneur, rich jerk ebook,
jerk e-book, rich jerk book, millionaire, kelly felix, anti marketing,
anti-marketing, marketing tricks, marketing tips, rich jerk review,
jerk success, holly mann, rich jerk scam, pdf

I also did a word count. Out of 2900 plus words, the word "rich jerk"
appeared 35 times, so the keyword density is about slightly above 1%.

Not only that, the keyphrase is positioned on the leftmost of the title. This seems to go well with spiders because they read from left to right.

These observations show that other than off-page optimization ie building links, it is important also to focus on on-page optimization. Relevance of the content is also key.

This is something which I could model after. From my previous experiment with articles, I have a few articles that are ranked quite high in the search results, something like 60 plus. One of them even topped the search results. Interestingly, I have been seeing this before my own eyes, those which top the search results have the exact keyphrases in the title, and content, and the webpage file name also contains the exact keyphrase. The funny thing is these articles are so fresh and probably have no or few links pointing to them, ie offpage SEO not really there. But they are still ranked high. So relevancy may very well be critical.

In fact, I am now going to play with the following idea:

1. Write an article, maybe for my acne product and also for my website on affiliate program that everyone can join. This article must:
- contain the keyphrases I am trying to rank for.
- keyphrases have to be located in the title at the leftmost, ie the first words, and within the opening and ending sections of the article.

2. Post to those websites that will name my article after the article title. This ensures that my article file name will contain the keyphrase. I know Article Dashboard is one of those which does that.

3. Next, mass submit to as many directories as possible.

I will then observe and see if my article ranks high enough. The key is to use articles just like my very own webpage to get top rankings.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

How to Promote Affliliate Programs without Building Any Website & OutRanking the Main Affiliate Program Site

I have also read some insightful info at the following link that talks about how to seo affiliate program links.

It seems that even affiliate sites, ie those you see such as can also rank higher than the parent site. Strange as it is, but it is happening. A lot has to do with the off-page optimisation the affiliate is doing. Using good keywords and anchor text to rank for these sites. Not bad.

I may try this technique. It seems good since you can do it for free. No website to build, no domain to buy to redirect the traffic. No need to hunt for web master affiliate program to promote.

I would think that this is one of the best, free method for a newbie to start getting some targeted traffic. I believe that some of these affiliates, not really rookies, have done quite a fair bit of link-building, ie offpage seo optimisation. This is because there is simply no way you can do any on-page optimisation. They must have used anchor text for those links they build. Actually this method will also work with article marketing. I have done some research and know that these few sites do accept displaying of affiliate links. They are also high traffic sites.


Article Alley



Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Article Marketing - Driving Traffic Using Articles Part 3

Today, I did a search on the few articles I have written.

“How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Brand-New Website within 24 Hours” still shows 4 results only. By now, I have probably only submitted this article to about 10 websites or more. And many of not published it, and therefore not indexed yet, ie not valid backlinks.

Let’s see if the blogs have been effective, bearing in mind that I am experimenting with blogging using the key phrase “ affiliate program”.
When I did the allinanchor search for affiliate program, my webpages show up in quite high ranks:

accelerate-your-income-with-affiliate-program.php - No. 6
affiliate-best-make-program.php - No.7

I searched all the way to top 200 results of 21,000 for the allinanchor and only found these 2 pages. But I am sure there are other webpages. I then clicked on “more results from” and found another 4 pages. So in short, I have 6 pages with quite a number of backlinks with anchor phrase “ affiliate program”.

I then tried to see how well my site ranks for the search phrase itself. I did a ranking check at google ranking, a free website using my free google web API. Google web API allows us to conduct 1000 search queries per day. This means that you can search how well your site ranks for 1000 keywords per day, or say if you have 10 sites, you can check 100 keywords for each site. Total 1000 searches in short.

No results for my main website url for the top 1000 search results. Then I proceeded to check on those webpages that already rank high for number of backlinks with anchor text.

Surprisingly, is not within the top 1000 search results.

My little experiment has thrown out some interesting observations & guesses:

1. Though my webpages rank high in terms of anchor text, it does not mean that it will rank high for the search phrase itself.
2. This could mean that the weightage given by the search engines for these anchor text backlinks are low even though they originate from blogger blogs.
3. It could also suggest that the PR of these blogs are too low, and therefore cannot lend enough weight, ie poor quality lines.
4. There is also a possibility that it takes time for the website to move in search results.
5. Getting backlinks for one keyword phrase is simply not enough. If the search engine is ever going to rank the website as an authority, then it must also rank high for other related keywords?

I tried to establish if guesses 2 - 5 are true. Since I already have another website on acne that has about 800 over articles published, ie 800 over backlinks with the anchor text “home remedies for acne”. This website is ranked high for the anchor text search ie allinanchor. The backlinks also originate from high PR article submission sites.

Once again, this website is also not within the top 1000 search results for the key phrase I am targeting. Then again, this is an affiliate website, and the url is used for forwarding only, unlike the affiliatestrategist website.

So what’s wrong?

Moving forward, I have laid out a plan with specific steps:

1.I am going to mass submit my article about traffic, get enough backlinks and watch whether the ranking of my website improves for the search phrase I have targeted. This will answer some of my guesses.

2.Write another article, but this time round, targeting other related keywords such as affiliate, ppc search engine, advertising, etc both in tile and in content. Post to as many sites as possible.

3.Write a 3rd article, peppering with broken up keywords “7search”, “”, “affiliate”, “program”, “affiliate program”, etc, similar to 2.

I will report here once I see the outcome.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SEO Tip - Building Links

I spoke about building links as a way to optimize my website for search engine ranking. Other than articles, there are other ways to build links.

1. Exchange links with other webmasters of the same content theme.

2. Write and submit articles to article submission sites. Good for one-way links,especially if the article site has a high PR. As a start, here's a list of article submission sites you can submit to:

Ezine Articles - - PR7 - - PR7
Li'l Engine - - PR7 - -PR6
Article City - - PR6
Constant Content - - PR6 - - PR6
Business Know-How - - pr6 - - PR6 - PR6 - -PR6
Article Alley - - PR5
Articles Factory - - PR5
Article Finders - - PR5 - - PR5
Digital - - PR5
Free Content - - PR5 - pr5 - - PR5 - PR5 - - PR5
Main Street Mom - - PR5
Sales Masters World - - PR5
Web Host Industry Review - - PR5
Web Host Industry Review - - PR5
Amazines - - PR4
Article Emporium - - PR4
ArticleWarehouse - - PR4 - - PR4 - - PR4 - - PR4
Jogena's - - PR4 - - PR4 - -PR4 - -PR4 - -PR4 - - PR4 - - PR4 - - PR4
The Warrior Forum - - PR4 - - PR4
Womans-Net - - PR4 - - PR4 - - PR3 - - PR3 - - PR3 - - PR3 - - pr3
Common Connections - - PR3 - - PR3 - - PR3
T & I Grafix - - PR3 - - PR3 - - PR3 - -PR3 - - PR3 - -PR3 - - PR3 - -PR3 - - PR3
Home Based-business Opportunities - www.home-based- - - PR3
Home business Tips Newsletter - - PR3 - - PR2
Marketing PitBull - - PR2

3. Creating blog(s) and blog about your main website. Use, since it is a PR10 website.

4. Creating RSS Feeds of your webpages, and submitting them to RSS directories.

5. Submitting your webpage urls to search engines, mostly free.

6. Commenting at other webmasters' websites such as guestbook or blogs.

Recently, I have done all except exchanging links. I may decide to do that in a later stage. Since I am testing on a trial site about affiliate program, my strategy is to see what works best and simply duplicate the efforts repeatedly for other income earning sites.

I will be talking more about how to build good links.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Article Marketing - Driving Traffic Using Articles Part 2

I have been monitoring my article on "How to Avoid the No.1 Enemy of Teenagers and Adults - Acne". As of this morning, there are 900 search results for this article. And I can find my article ranking as 67 of 1,740,000 results for the keyword "home remedies for acne". Though it is not my main website, but the fact that it is ranked so high means I am doing the right thing! I also checked the google allinanchor for "home remedies for acne", and I find my website on page 2.

I discovered a few things as I look through those who are listed before me for this phrase. They either contain the phrase as a whole "home remedies for acne" or parts
such as "acne", "home remedies", "remedies", etc in their title and/or content.

So I suppose I should buck up and post to even more article websites for this article. I am still waiting for my article on traffic building to be indexed before I start to mass-submit to other article websites. Yesterday I only submitted to Ezinearticles, Goarticles, ArticleCity,Zinos,Xongoo & ArticleSender. These are some of the more popular websites.

Let's see how long it will take for this article to be indexed. I guess the whole concept is to distribute to as many directories as possible.

The strategy I am going to apply is:

1. Write a killer article - To encourage readership and publishers to publish as wide as possible. Distribution is key!
2. Use target phrase in title, content and anchor text.
3. Write to top article submission sites.
4. Once indexed, send to other article submission sites.

I will come back and report on the progress. I am now also preparing 3 websites as a
trial test and promote using article marketing. One will be on debt consolidation, another on warts and moles. Still thinking of what to do for the 3rd.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Article Marketing - Driving Traffic Using Articles

Article marketing is something I just ventured into recently. I remembered that sometime back, I wrote an article about one of my affiliate programs, The Country Club.

I titled it "Review of The Country Club Business Opportunity" and up till today, if you search for the keyword "Review of The Country Club Business", my article is still ranked the first of 48,700,000 search results in Google.

Since then, I only wrote 2 other articles, posted one to less than 10 article directories. This article titled "Building An Income Empire with Affiliate Programs" is supposed to promote my portal website. However, I made the mistake of not using anchor text. Til today, Google search results will show that it appears at 72 webpages.

The recent article I wrote to promote my acne ebook on how to cure acne in 3 days, using the anchor text "home remedies for acne". The anchor text is used on 2 links, one a main domain, the other on a subdomain

Since posting, using a semi-automatic software called Article Submitter v.1.4, I have
seen the number of results, ie webpages displaying my article climbing to 567. That's quite impressive because I have only submitted to less than 100 article directories.

I will be watching the traffic as well as seeing if I will be able to outrank the others with my targeted keyword "home remedies for acne".

I will be posting the results here.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Driving Targeted Traffic to My Websites

I have been experimenting with tools to drive targeted traffic and build link popularity of my websites.

What is important to a website is its popularity, ie link popularity. I have learnt that one-way backlinks are the most valuable as they signify that these websites which link to you are giving you a vote of confidence.

I first started with building one-way links with blogs. Not just any blogs but blogger blogs. Why? The reason is simple. Search Engines pay a lot of attention to the Page Rank (PR) of the website linking to yours. The higher your PR, the more weightage they assign to this one-way link.

Initially, I built about 20 - 25 blogs, and promoted my website talking about affiliate program. Blogging and pinging using Yahoo! works wonders as indexing of my webpages was fast. They are indexed within a week or so by Yahoo! and a couple of pages in Google. But I must comment that Google's indexing is a bit erratic and the number of pages indexed actually fluctuates quite a bit.

Auto-blogging build one-way links fast but do not spam the blogs with links only. There is one free blog-posting software but it posts links only. You will find it at Blogger catches on with this very fast and the blogs will lose their effectiveness. How do I know it? I tested it on several blogs.

I urge everyone to be fair to those who come along to read your blogs. At least provide good and useful reading material so that they will frequent the blogs. However, the Catcha function of the Blogger blogs made it almost impossible to continue posting remotely. This meant that new blogs have to be created and they "die" a quick death after a few posts, sometimes after just 1 post. I tested this on about 1000 blogs, all using the anchor text "top affiliate program" and have been watching the traffic to my website. Traffic is still low but it can also be due to the competiveness of the keyword I am trying to rank for.

So now, I changed my anchor text to " affiliate program" because it is a less competitive keyword with a decent amount of searches per month. About 1000 searches per month. I have been testing this on about 50 - 100 blogs, all with useful content and anchor text.

Forget about free blog post spamming software. Most of them are buggy and do not return you the results.

I will come back to post about the results.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My first blog post

This is my first blog post. I will be blogging with some useful info as time goes along. The No.1 motivation for me to start this blog is to share my success with the online community, help newbies get started on the right footing. I have been scammed many times and have learnt what works and what don't. I don't dare say I am an experienced marketer, but at least I have succeeded in starting some successful ventures in affiliate program marketing. Surely I can qualify to contribute some ideas, tips, tricks and advice right?

What I hope to achieve here is to:

1. Build up the readership of this blog
2. Keep a diary of what I am doing online

How to achieve these?

1. Update this blog with useful information I have come across that may help other marketers or just about anyone who wants to succeed online.
2. Share some tools, both free and paid, but mostly FREE because I know how hard it is to be spending so much on tools without seeing any tangible results.

So, feel free to read this BLOG. Everything here is FREE for you.

For a start, do give me your honest comments about this website centred around the theme
" Affiliate Program "